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Peruse this site to learn more about what sets Ascendant Advisory Group apart from other M&A firms. We are a full-service M&A firm that offers business growth and transition consulting services. We work with businesses to grow revenue and profits before the sale
to obtain the highest sales price possible. We also offer after sale transition support.

Ascendant Advisory Group also represents selected businesses for sale and we actively market these businesses.

If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more about what we are doing, how we can help a business achieve their vision, or find out more about businesses we currently represent for sale, we would love to hear from you. Please just visit our Contact page.

About Ascendant Advisory Group

Ascendant Advisory Group was formed by four individuals who have extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions and business consulting. Instead of using a basic model where an existing business is listed for sale “as is,” our vision was to create a full service mergers & acquisition firm. Our goal is to work with clients who recognize the value of strategic business transition consulting services to help them grow their business to optimal potential and ultimately command the best sale price possible. See Our TeamWhat We Do, How We Work, and Who We Help.

  • Let your team work in partnership with ours to sync and maximize efforts.
  • Determine strategies to grow your business to its greatest potential.
  • Implement growth and development strategies to drive revenue.
  • Increase profits before the sale to secure the best sales price possible.
  • Utilize transaction consulting to ensure a smooth business transition.
  • Benefit from business reviews, strategic planning, and business valuations.

What We Do

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We're a Different Kind of Firm

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Client Success Stories

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their ultimate potential.

Oilfield Services Co.
In 2014 our team facilitated the transaction to bring on an equity partner, allowing our clients to take significant chips off the table while providing capital for the company’s aggressive growth. While prepping the company for sale, we helped with strategic planning, revenue forecasting, capital budgeting, and securing the company’s IP. Through a competitive auction process, our team was able to drive an above market (7.5X) valuation that vastly exceeded the owners’ expectations.
Transportation & Logistics Co.
Ascendant has been leading the consulting with this 500-employee company for over 3 years. We began with a strategic planning session and have since become their right-hand executive team member. We help them with team direction, leadership selection, acquisition of companies, and evaluating and hiring key personnel. Changes we implemented in the first year helped to drive a 70 percent increase in EBITDA.
Accounting Firm Client
Our team was hired to facilitate a due diligence process for a $15 Million accounting firm’s evaluation of an acquisition target. We worked closely with management from both companies, not only to evaluate potential revenue and expense synergies in the event of a merger, but also to understand the culture of each firm in order to discover potential integration issues and to develop the necessary strategies to mitigate them. Our work helped our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and threats posed by this potential transaction.